A Guide To Dormer Conversions

  You’re thinking about having a conversion but you’re not sure about the terminology for some of these conversion types and a common one for this is the dormer conversion. This month, Kingsmead Conversions are here to help iron out all you need to know about dormer conversions including what one is, whether you require […]

DIY Loft Conversions – Is It a good option?

  A loft conversion is a great opportunity to increase the space and value of your home. An extra room in the house can help to alleviate the stress of an enclosed space and revolutionise the way you use your home and each room in it – with the potential for another bedroom, office, gym […]

Staircase design ideas and loft staircase regulations

Open living is now an incredibly desirable way to live and what’s more popular is to make a statement with a stunningly breathtaking staircase. In any grand design, you will notice that the lead up to the second floor will be more than just a simple set of stairs, it’ll spiral or curve with elegance […]

Why truss rafters shouldn’t put you off a loft conversion

Having a loft conversion is an ideal way to maximise your home, not to mention it spurs you on to get rid of old, unused stuff that’s been sat up there for years. If that’s not encouragement enough, you might be surprised to know that a conversion can also add up to 20% more value […]

Reducing the cost of a loft conversion

If you’ve been looking to move home because you need the space, but have realised that it’s not really a great time to relocate, or you haven’t got all the money you need, a loft conversion could be the solution. Loft conversions are ideal for those that need the extra room and it’s a great […]

How to plan for a loft conversion

When you transform your loft into a habitable room you could be adding more value to your home, not to mention allowing more space for you and your family. A loft conversion can be turned into a number of things – bedroom, gym, office, relaxation room – but before labelling the room, it’s important to […]

Is my loft convertible?

A loft conversion is something most of us dream about doing because it allows us to use the space we already have, without the expense and long wait for planning permission. A loft conversion is quick, affordable and reduces the need to move home. Not only does it add considerable value to a house but […]

How to make your loft conversion energy efficient

A poorly insulated loft can be the reason as to why your energy bills are so high. So in order to make the most out of your new living space, it’s important to make energy efficient choices. Follow our simple ways to keep the heat in during the winter and out during the summer. Our […]

How can I make my loft conversion child friendly?

If your intention for a loft conversion is to provide a bedroom for your child, you may want to consider the risks that they may face, in order to eliminate them before any problems raise their ugly head. This article will outline the risks families with young children may face when deciding to invest in […]

Top 10 things you shouldn’t store in your attic

If your attic hasn’t been converted, the area isn’t “climate controlled” and the fluctuations in temperature, can ruin the items you store. Attics were originally used to store Christmas decorations and holiday cases, but nowadays more people use it for everyday and seasonal storage. This article will cover the top 10 items you shouldn’t be […]