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Loft Windows Guide: Velux Vs Dormer Windows

If you’ve already set your heart on a loft conversion and chosen what you’ll use the space for, it’s time to start thinking about some of the practical decisions you have to make. One of the biggest things to consider is what type of window will best suit a loft conversion.

Typically, people go for either Velux windows – sometimes called skylights – or a classic dormer window which protrudes from the roof. There are benefits to both, but each comes with specific positives which might influence your decision. Below, we run through the benefits of both loft conversion window types.

Dormer Window - Kingsmead Conversions

The benefits of Dormer windows

Headroom – The obvious benefit of a dormer is that you get plenty of extra headroom by projecting outwards from your existing roof. This can open up a whole host of options when it comes to planning what you’ll use the room for. Without this projecting, you’re left with a narrow portion of the room to stand up in.

Traditional finish – Whether you’re looking to keep the style of your property in line with those in the neighbourhood or you just enjoy the traditional look of a dormer, there is something alluring about this design. A more intricate way of having a window installed, you can enjoy the results for many years to come with the impressive look it will give your property.

Adds value – Any loft conversion will add value to your property, but with a dormer conversion, the added headroom is the bonus which can really be appealing to potential buyers. Actual square footage won’t be increased but if you can get people viewing your house to appreciate the extra space created you’ll have a stronger claim to command a higher price tag.

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The benefits of Velux windows

Cheaper option – If you’re operating on a tight budget but still want to illuminate your newly converted loft space with natural light, you can’t go wrong with a Velux window. These skylight options simply fit in with the natural slope of your roof so require little extra work, hence the smaller price tag in comparison with the dormer option.

Automated blinds – For that final, luxurious touch to your loft conversion, add automated blinds so that you can adjust lift filtration at the touch of a button. Once reserved for the super-rich, automated blinds might not cost you quite as much as you first think, having come down in price in recent years.

No planning permission – Whenever you’re thinking of converting your loft, there is always the concern over planning permission, and while a lot depends on the structure of your home and what you intend to do, a standard Velux window won’t require you to gain planning permission in the same way a dormer would. A skylight window isn’t a project outwards of your roof and is therefore not something to be concerned about when factoring in any planning permission.


It’s worth remembering, the window style you choose should be both practical but also provide an aesthetically pleasing finish to your property. Both options provide you with plenty of light, so a lot comes down to personal preference and budget.

At Kingsmead Conversions we can assist you with your loft conversion wherever you are in Oxford, Bedford, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, Aylesbury and the surrounding areas, helping you to factor in any dormer windows or Velux windows. Whatever design finish you’re contemplating, contact our professional team today and we’ll be happy to offer our professional advice.


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