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Can a Trussed Roof be Converted?

Converting a trussed roof can be labour intensive — but it’s not impossible. This month’s article will help you find out if your house has a trussed roof and whether it is suitable for the loft conversion you’ve set your heart on.

What is a trussed roof?

A trussed roof is a common roof type that has been built into homes since the 1960s.

They feature a truss — a ‘W’-shaped support system composed of steel or timber beams. The beams are bolted together in a triangular shape to support the weight of the roof. 

Trussed rafter roofs became popular due to their exceptional strength and versatility, and can be found in a range of structures, including sheds, garages and auditoriums.

How to spot a trussed roof?

Take a peek in your loft. If it is filled with beams that are attached in a triangular shape, then you have a trussed roof.

Why are trussed roofs difficult to convert?

The problem with a trussed roof is that the beams occupy most of the space in the loft. Converting the loft requires removing the beams, but removing the beams could make the roof unstable. This is why trussed roofs loft conversions are considered tricky to perform.

Tricky, but not impossible.

How are truss roofs converted?

The key to converting a loft with a trussed roof is to remove the beams while maintaining triangular support. This is achieved by inserting steel or timber beams across the length of the floor to create new floor joists and attaching them to the roof slopes. 

Only once ‘triangulation’ has been preserved can the trusses be removed. They will then be replaced by ‘A’ shaped trusses instead. These will support the roof and flooring while providing enough space to enjoy a newly-renovated loft.

How can I ensure the best result?

If your roof is trussed, you’ll want to make sure you use a professional loft conversion company who have experience providing loft conversions for trussed roofs. Look out for a company with accreditations from The Guild of Master Craftsmen and TrustMark.

If you’ve got a trussed roof and have your heart set on a stunning new loft, ensure you use a loft conversion company who specialise in converting trussed roofs. Kingsmead Conversions are an accredited team with over 20 years of experience. We can transform your loft, even if you have a trussed roof! We have a variety of trained tradesmen within our company, including architects, builders, plumbers, plasterers and carpenters — everything you need for a complete loft renovation.

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