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How to Choose a Staircase to Fit Your Budget

Choosing a staircase, particularly when on a budget, requires some meticulous thought and extensive planning in order to ensure all building work goes smoothly. With the help of a specialist design team, you’ll be able to have your dream staircase constructed at a price which won’t break the bank. However, there are some steps which must be taken first, and this article will explain what they are in order to choose and construct the perfect staircase.

Staircase with grey carpet

Have a survey done before adding a staircase

Taking a staircase out is almost as detrimental as demolishing a supporting wall. Before getting a professional in to start work on your staircase, you should have it surveyed by a specialist. This will confirm whether or not a new staircase would be feasible. This way, you won’t be pumping cash into a project which was a non-starter to begin with. 

It will also ensure the safety of those who occupy the property. The walls surrounding the staircase will also need to be structurally adequate in order to endure the removal of the old staircase and the installation of a new one.

Involve a staircase specialist as soon as possible

This will confirm whether or not your plans are realistic and can ultimately be achieved. Again, you don’t want to be spending money on a project which may fall at the first hurdle. Not only can a staircase specialist help to give you some options, they will also be able to aid in the planning and design of your dream staircase. 

We have a team of experts who specialise in the planning and design of staircases, offering an exceptionally professional service to help you construct the perfect staircase for your property. For specialist advice, look no further than Kingsmead Conversions.

Get several quotations

Acquiring numerous quotes is highly beneficial when operating on a budget. Never take the first one you get and always shop around. However, don’t be tempted to go for a company that offers an exceptionally cheap rate for an extensive amount of work. Look at getting five or six quotes and choose from the companies that provide you with similar figures. If you’re given a quote which is far too high or far too low, then steer clear as these probably won’t be legitimate companies.

Safety is paramount when it comes to the construction of a new staircase, so choose a company with an impressive amount of positive reviews. Falling victim to a cowboy builder, particularly in this circumstance, could prove to be incredibly dangerous. With Kingsmead Conversions, you can rest assured that our team will carry out quality workmanship, ensuring meticulous attention is paid to every inch of your construction project for your peace of mind. 

Research different staircase designs

It’s always beneficial to start the process with an idea in mind. This will give you a goal to work towards, as well as provide the designers and builders of your staircase with some guidance, ensuring your staircase is constructed to your exact specifications. The design team here at Kingsmead Conversions are able to help you with this, ensuring the process runs as smoothly as possible, so you aren’t wasting time or money on a staircase which isn’t what you initially had in mind.

Consider other options

If you can’t afford to put in a whole new staircase, then look into renovating the one you already have. Perhaps paint wooden steps or add a carpet, replace banisters or paint the material the banisters are made from. You could even paint surrounding walls and make a feature out of them by hanging photo frames of various shapes and sizes or adorn it with stylish paintings or prints. It will all help to inject some life into a tired, old staircase.

If you’re looking to add a stylish staircase to your loft or attic conversion, then look no further than Kingsmead Conversions. Not only will we be able to build your dream staircase, but our expert team will also help you to design it. We’re able to provide a variety of services, including dormer conversions, garage conversions, Velux roof conversions and more. For further information, get in touch with one of our friendly, knowledgeable specialists today – we operate throughout Oxford, Bedford, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, Aylesbury and the surrounding areas.


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