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Why truss rafters shouldn’t put you off a loft conversion

Having a loft conversion is an ideal way to maximise your home, not to mention it spurs you on to get rid of old, unused stuff that’s been sat up there for years. If that’s not encouragement enough, you might be surprised to know that a conversion can also add up to 20% more value to your home.
A loft conversion is an investment that opens you up to brand new opportunities, meaning that you can have that gym or office you’ve always wanted. You might even be considering fitting out this room as a vacation rental for a little extra income, which can be a great way to pay off the costs of the conversion.  

Problems with truss rafters

  • Limits your living space – truss rafters take up a lot of floor space so, as you can imagine, these need to be removed to make for a habitable room.
  • They’re the main supportdue to their very important role, they must be replaced with another type of support when they’re removed.
  • Truss lofts have less heightto have your loft converted, you must have at least 2.2 metres of head height to ensure the room is liveable. However, it can be the case that truss lofts have low roofs and this means that they generally have to be raised for a successful conversion.

How these type of lofts can be converted

What some people don’t know is that most lofts can be converted and the majority of truss rafters inside a loft can be removed. When the trusses are taken out, the roof requires a new method of support which needs to be done before a loft is converted. The process involves replacing the old, obtrusive trusses with strong horizontal beams, this will open up the area in the loft to make it convertible.

What to do if your roof is too low

If your loft doesn’t have the height it needs to be converted, a roof lift might just be the solution you’ve been looking for. A roof lift does exactly what its name implies, it raises the roof to give your loft more headroom; this will then allow for a complete conversion.

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