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Tips & Ideas for Creating a Fun Attic Playroom

Attic Playroom Ideas
A long time ago in a far, faraway kingdom there was a boy named Jack who climbed a beanstalk… that lead all the way up to his attic hideaway. Create a dream bedroom or playroom for your child that’ll make their imaginations run wild. Decorate your loft conversion and make it completely captivating with a little creativity and interior design. Read on for inspiration brought to you by our experts here at Kingsmead Conversions.

Creating a den

Teepees and canopies

What child doesn’t like a den! A quirky bed will ensure that their bedtime is something they will look forward to at the end of the day, rather than something they will try to resist. Teepees and canopies are an exciting way to create even more height in their attic playroom or bedroom because what’s better than turning their story books into reality?

A Native American style teepee bed, whether that’s a material or wooden structured bed, is a fabulous way to decorate a child’s room. Canopies are also very popular features that add the ‘wow’ factor to an attic playroom. For inspiration you may wish to see: leaf shaped canopies, rainbow arches, princess tulle drapes and circus tent canopies.

Make use of dormer window space

Window seat, toy storage

If you have dormer windows in your loft conversion, utilise the space under the window well. You may wish to encourage your child to read more, so how about turning the space around the window with bookshelves and have a built-in window seat that they will be excited to use. For a multi-purpose window-seat, use the seat as a lid and store their toys in here – not only will this save space but there’s no excuse for a messy room.

Using the unique wall angles

Wall storage/bookcases, small climbing wall

If you’re wondering what to do with strange nooks and crannies in your loft conversion, consider some unique features such as climbing walls, chalk walls, built-in desk or go all out with a ball pit!     


Good for storage and sleepovers

Children, although small, have tonnes of energy and not to mention, thousands of toys – which can mean any extra space can be incredibly valuable to your home. This is why many parents choose to buy daybeds that are idea for lounging, reclining and sleeping! They’re the perfect furnishing for those looking to save space in the home and a great way to keep your attic playroom as tidy as can be.

Pick a kid friendly floor

Easy to clean

Of course, a white carpet is something we’re reluctant to fit in a child’s playroom because as we all know, accidents happen and it’s likely that marks and stains will find their way onto a nice new carpet. So to keep their playroom looking fresh, choose laminate flooring and decorate with rugs or floor cushions to ensure a soft landing.


For more information on attic playrooms for your children, read more on how to make your attic child-safe too! Alternatively, get in touch with our team of experts today for excellent design & planning and conversion services.


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