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Soundproofing a loft conversion

If you’ve converted your loft, you may want to consider soundproofing. There are many benefits as to why you would want to do this and our experts at Kingsmead Conversions are here to tell you just why that is!


Soundproofing is ideal for bedrooms as it eliminates disturbances caused by traffic or passersby during the day or night. It is generally taken advantage of by those that work nights as daytime life can be loud, but effective soundproofing can help you to remain asleep during the hustle and bustle of the day.

If you have converted your loft into a music room, gym or a general relaxation room – you will want to invest in professional soundproofing. So for rooms where you will either want to dampen the noise, or to block it out – soundproofing gives you the opportunity to be flexible with the use of your loft conversion.

During the winter, you can guarantee that your soundproofing will help to keep the heat in and out during hotter months. Therefore, investing in high quality, affordable soundproofing will help to reduce your energy bills. Your heating can be turned down in the winter and you may even turn the air conditioning off during the summer.

Soundproofing is there to help you when you need it most. It’s a good way to avoid waking up the kids when they’re sound asleep and it’s ideal for when you’re doing a little DIY. Have a good rapport with your neighbours by soundproofing your loft and be at ease with a quiet room that’ll block out a barking dog or the surge of traffic.

Soundproofing alternatives

  • Acoustic foam and mineral wool can be used to dampen sound. Acoustic foam can be attached to the walls like panels whereas mineral wool is generally placed between the walls.
  • Stud walls can be implemented close to your existing wall but not touching as the gap between them is to be filled with soundproofing materials. This is an effective way to stop the vibrations from passing through.  
  • Acoustic tiles look great in music rooms and look really modern. They can be attached to the floor, walls and ceiling to ensure that the noise remains only in the room.
  • Windows tend to be overlooked, but double glazing along with other soundproofing methods can be just the trick to ensuring you have provided the maximum sound barriers possible.
  • Barriers such as vinyl and temporary are an ideal way to block the sound from escaping. Vinyl barriers such as Mass Loaded Vinyl (MLV) create a dense shield in order to capture the sound and temporary barriers such as fibreglass quilts, are portable and can be reused to cater to a variety of situations as you can lay them on the floor and hang them up, too.

Established in 1999, our dedicated team at Kingsmead Conversions has been providing each and every customer with bespoke loft conversion services. Based in Buckinghamshire, we cover a number of areas including: Bedford, Oxford, High Wycombe, Milton Keynes, Watford Hemel Hempstead, St Albans, Harpenden and Luton. Call us today for free design and planning, provided to you by our fully accredited team of trained experts. Should you wish for more information or to book us, please get in touch with your local branch today.


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