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How to make your loft conversion look bigger

We understand that lofts aren’t the most conventional of rooms and we also know it can be hard to decorate and even harder to know what to turn a loft conversion into. However, you need not worry about those sloped ceilings, awkward floor plans and any usual nooks and crannies. Our experts are here to share their favourite room saving, conversion hacks. Optimise your loft conversion to the best of your ability when you step into the mindset of an interior designer. Whether you have a small, medium or large loft conversion, we all want to make our rooms look spacious, airy and welcoming, so follow the tips below to enhance your space and make your conversion look bigger.


Avoid just one simple bulb in the middle of the ceiling, this type of light is wasted as it fails fill a whole room. What you should do is invest in a variety of lights including floor lamps, table lamps, built-in ceiling spot lights or ones built into bookcases and other items of furniture.



Place all types of mirrors around the room and place them opposite windows, so they’re able to reflect natural light into the corners of the room. You may also want to place a mirror that stretches from the floor to the ceiling behind a large item of furniture, this will make it look like there’s another room on the other side.

Built-in furniture

If you build your furniture into the small spaces of your loft conversion, you can use up those spaces that would otherwise be left to collect dust. By filling in the awkward nooks and crannies you can make the most of the space and give the illusion that the room is much bigger than it looks, rather than placing furniture in front of it and losing out on useable floor space.

Day bed/built-in bed/bed on the floor

Whether you invest in a day bed, built-in bed or a bed on the floor, these are the solutions that will make your loft conversion look bigger. A day bed is ideal for a place to sit in the day as it looks like a sofa but can be turned into a bed at night, ideal for guest and relaxation rooms. Avoid tall beds with grand headboards and go for tidy built-in beds or have a bed on the floor instead, these will help to make the ceiling look higher and thus, open up the room.  

Paint the ceiling

To keep the room bright and reduce shadows, you will want to paint your walls and ceiling the same colour, we’d suggest white or cream, as dark colours make a room look smaller. By painting your ceiling you will open up the space and make the room feel clean, lighter and spacious.

Wall shelves

Large bulky furniture can be overwhelming when placed in a small room, especially dark wooden items. So to maximise your space, use your walls and install shelves, this way you will open up the floor space but still have the opportunity to store things away.


Stripe patterns

Add some interesting patterns to your walls – not only are stripes fun and modern, they give the illusion that the roof is higher. If you do use this top tip, it’s important to just have one feature wall rather than create a whole room of stripes. Use your stripes tactically, place them on the walls where the ceiling slopes down to make these walls look taller.

Use the eaves

Build desks into the eaves, or shelves for that matter. By using the eaves you will create an interesting feature whilst making the most of the space you have inside the loft conversion. By employing a little interior design ‘know-how’, you can maximise the useable space in the room.

Find the right window solutions

Go for simple and sleek window solutions such as Velux or roller blinds, they offer straight, clean lines and will make your room look tidy. Although curtains are nice and warm, they hang heavily around windows and can make a small room feel claustrophobic.



Trust in Kingsmead Conversions to build your dream conversion and to get the job done the first time around, so you can enjoy it as soon as possible. Our professionals cover a number of locations including: Oxford, Bedford, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire and their neighbouring areas. Whether you’re looking for advice or to book our services, please give our friendly team a call today and we will be right with you.


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