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How to Light a Loft Conversion

When your loft conversion is finished, or if you’re particularly prepared – before it’s even started – you need to consider how you’re going to add light to your new room. Loft conversions come in all shapes and sizes, and, as a result, some light fixtures will work for some interiors and not others. Luckily, there are a vast assortment of light sources and fixtures readily available on the market. The team at Kingsmead Conversions have created this handy guide to help you put the bright, finishing touches to your brand new loft conversion.

loft conversion with lighting

Velux Windows

The first light source on this list is one that never suffers from a power outage, never needs new batteries and is absolutely free: the sun. Natural light is, without a doubt, the best light source to utilise in your home. Not only does it save on electricity bills, but studies have shown that natural light brings you a huge host of health benefits.

Velux windows have become the optimum choice for bringing natural light into a loft. Not only are they designed to fit seamlessly on a sloped roof, but they also feature large glass panels with safe and easy operation. Velux windows come in various sizes, and can even add value to your home. There are no guidelines restricting the amount of windows or the size of the windows you install, meaning you have the option to bring in as much natural light as you feel is right for you.

Recessed spotlights

Recessed spotlights are perfect for shorter lofts with limited headroom. A subtle spotlight fixture is installed within the recess of a ceiling. By implementing the light in this way, you are utilising the limited space and removing the need for any protruding light fixtures that limit your headroom even further.

Low ceiling lights

Alternatively, if you prefer a visible light fixture, low ceiling lights fit outside of a recess, but are still designed to take up very little space. Unlike recessed spotlights, which are almost universally simplistic, low ceiling light can come in various designs, allowing you to add a touch of personal style to your loft.

Free standing lamp

A free-standing lamp is both trendy and functional. The benefit of choosing to have a free standing lamp is that, unlike stationary ceiling lights, a free standing lamp can be moved around the room. This means that you can brighten certain areas of the room up when you need them more. Many free-standing lamps can also be bent into certain directions, providing an even more accurate direction of light; this can be helpful for reading, among other activities.

Dimmer switches

Dimmer switches, while not light fixtures in themselves, allow the user to have a greater range of light control than normal switches. Dimmer switches attach to ceiling lights and provide a wide spectrum of light ranging from ‘dimmest’ to ‘brightest’. This is in contrast to traditional switches which don’t control the amount of light a bulb produces beyond ‘on’ and off’.


At Kingsmead Conversions, we always want what is best for your loft. In addition to the constructional elements of our highly coveted loft conversions, we also offer a design service that includes Velux window and electrical installations . Our expert team are also on hand to offer any advice and recommendations on which elements will help bring your loft to life. For more information, give our friendly team a call today.


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