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How to Add Value to Your House in 2019

If you are planning on selling your home, or want to invest value into your home for the future, there are many ways you can improve your home to reach its full potential in the housing market. Whilst decor styles differ from person to person, a neutral, minimalistic approach to the decor within your home will appeal to the majority of buyers – as it gives buyers a real, unbiased view on the layout of the house.

Open-plan kitchen/living space

Inexpensive quick fixes

We recommend these relatively cheap tips and tricks, which will immediately bring more value to your home:

  • Paint your house – You can instantly give your house a fresh and modern feel with a coat of fresh paint. You could also try injecting a bit of fun into plain looking rooms with some chic wallpaper. Depending on how many walls you want to paint or paper, costs will vary.
  • Storage – Maximising storage space in your home with innovative and sleek looking furniture will appeal to those looking to buy a new home. It will also help you keep a tidy house whilst people are viewing – as well as showcase interior opportunities. 
  • Tidy and clean – Having wires looking messy on the floor, or mould in the bathroom, isn’t a good look for someone wanting to buy your house! Pin your wires to the skirting board or put them away to avoid looking untidy. Sprucing up your bathroom by cleaning or redecorating it will immediately improve your house value.
  • Mirrors – Mirrors are a tried and tested way of giving the illusion that a room is bigger than it actually is. You can also use this in garden and patio spaces, to make your garden look bigger and greener.
  • Front door – Getting a new front door will instantly create a good impression for any visitors. For most, just replacing the doorknob, letterbox, and house number will do the trick just fine.


Minimalist Doorway with Bright Windows


More expensive investments

It is no secret that creating extra space in your home rapidly increases the value of your home. Here are a few ideas to expand your home whilst increasing its value:

  • Convert loft space – Make the most of a space which is already in your home by converting your loft. This won’t be applicable for every home, but if it’s a possibility, you could potentially add 20% value to your house price.
  • Make use of your garage and cellar – Some houses come with large cellars, ready to be capitalised on by converting them into extra bedrooms or even a games room. Furthermore, organising your garage space and inserting extra storage into it will give buyers more incentive to buy your house.
  • Extend your house – An obvious suggestion, but extending your home can increase your home’s value by 20%. You could also incorporate an open plan living space and extra windows in your extension, giving the illusion you have a larger home.
  • Re-organise your garden – Removing any dead greenery or completely renovating your garden into more parking space can increase your home’s value. Adding parking space will be especially useful in urban areas, where parking is hard to come by.
  • Replace windows – Updating your windows not only make the house look more appealing on first glance, old windows are not desirable for buyers who don’t want to do extra work on the home they want to buy.


Kitchen Facade | Kingsmead Conversions


Here are Kingsmead Conversions, our team of specialists will help add value to your home for the best price! We are happy to help you expand your home with our quality customer service and provide you with advice on creating the most profit with the least investment. For more information, drop us an email or give us a call – we serve the whole of Milton Keynes.


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