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The Best Houseplants For Your New Conversion

Indoor plants are one of the easiest ways to brighten up a room and becoming an increasingly popular form of decoration. Indoor plants come with a range of health benefits, giving them extra appeal and reason to place a few around your home. The best indoor plants are very low maintenance and need minimal light and water to survive. In this article we will explore the best indoor plants for your new conversion, so you can easily brighten up your new room and add to its character. 

snake plant

Snake plant

One of the most popular houseplants you can buy is the snake plant, as their sturdy and striking appearance adds style and depth to any room. The plant has the nickname of ‘Mother-in-law’s tongue’ due to being one of the toughest plants on the market. It will be pretty hard to neglect this plant to the point of its demise, as it continues to thrive even in the toughest of environments. The snake plant also releases oxygen at all times of the day, even when the sun has set, making it the perfect plant for a loft conversion that has been converted into a bedroom. Sleeping at night in the same room as a snake plant will allow your body to breathe cleaner and better quality air, as pollutants will be constantly removed from the air throughout the night. 

pothos plant


This leafy plant has heart-shaped leaves which brighten up any room in the house. The epitome of low maintenance, this plant will be a real crowd pleaser no matter what room you put it in. The long stems make the plant especially pop in a room, particularly when planted in a hanging basket. The Pothos plant is renowned for growing fast, so we highly recommend this plant for those who are impatient when waiting for plants to grow over a long period of time. 

peace lily

Peace Lily 

The Peace Lily was first introduced to Europe in 1870 and has since become a popular choice of an indoor plant due to its unique and striking appearance. The adaptable and low-maintenance plant will bloom beautiful white ‘bract’ (instead of a full multi-petaled flower) every spring and may very well bloom in autumn as well. The plant will also let you know when it needs watering again, as the leaves become drooped and start to brown, but a quick water and spritz of the leaves will rejuvenate the plant within the hour. The Peace Lily also helps to cleanse the air within the room, giving you more oxygenated air in your new conversion! 

dracaene plant


Originating in Madagascar, Dracaena plants have been used for centuries for its red resin which can be used to dye certain products, such as medicines and toothpaste. Dracaena plants can withstand a fair bit of neglect, making them perfect for busy households who simply don’t have a lot of spare time to take care of their plants regularly. The plant is aesthetically pleasing due to its long glossy leaves that have varying shades of green, so is a popular choice across the UK. The plant does not need to be exposed to regular sunlight to thrive, preferring a shady room to avoid scorching of the leaves. 

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