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How to Give your House an Exterior Makeover

We all take great pride in ensuring the inside of our home is pristine, stylish and homely, and yet many of us fail to make any significant changes to the outside. Here at Kingsmead Conversions, we believe the exterior of your home should look just as great as the interior, and so we’ve created this guide, offering tips on how to give your home a stylish exterior makeover.


Painting is a relatively simple way to give your home a revamp. You can choose to paint the entire house or just the front door; either will give your home a colourful new look. Not only will changing the colour make your home feel fresh, but the added paint job will improve the condition of your home, making it look clean and modern.

Painting your house an unorthodox colour can make it exciting to look at. Be aware, however, that there are laws in place that may limit which colours you can paint your house. It is important your house colour doesn’t negatively impact the neighbourhood; it is usually enforced that the colour of your house ‘goes’ with your neighbour’s houses.

Painted terrace houses


Not only does installing a porch add an aesthetic touch to your home, but it also provides a practical space for placing bags and other items on. Porches come in all shapes and sizes, and can make your home stand out. We recommend varying the roof of your porch by choosing one which differs from the main roof of your home. You do, however, need to be aware that porches that are larger than three square metres will require planning permission.

Painted white house with a porch


Plants are a wholesome way to add a splash of colour and nature to the exterior of your home. You can include small window boxes for the windowsills, or plant pots to sit next to your door. Adding some greenery, or even various coloured flowers, will help transform the exterior of your home into a much more colourful and vibrant habitat.

Outside of cottage with plants and greenery


First impressions are everything, and a gate is the first thing a visitor sees when they approach your house. Installing an impressive gate will provide a great impression of your home from the outset. An increasingly popular gate choice for modern homes is a wrought iron fence. This robust metal can be shaped into a variety of different designs, allowing your gate to exhibit an array of aesthetic patterns. The durability and sturdiness of the wrought iron fence also provides high quality security – ensuring your new, made-over home remains safe and secure.

exterior of house with a metal gate

Loft Conversion

Although loft conversions aren’t typically thought to alter a house’s exterior, there are in fact certain aspects of a loft conversion that can greatly improve the aesthetic of your home. Changing your loft conversion into a bedroom or study will often require extra light to be brought into the room. This alteration is usually achieved with large Velux windows. Not only do these window bring in a great amount of light, they’re also a very attractive addition to your roof’s exterior.

Bungalow with a loft conversion and dormer windows


Kingsmead Conversions offer loft conversions to improve both the inside and outside of your home. Our fully accredited team have been providing loft conversions since 1999, and are trained to work on houses of all roof types. Give our friendly staff a call to hear more about any of our services.


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