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What are the differences between rooflights, skylights and roof windows?

There are so many different types of windows available to you when you have a loft conversion, so much so, it can be an overwhelming decision to make when you’re looking to get the perfect finish. With multiple functionalities and advantages that come along with each different type, our team of professionals are here to help explain a little bit more about each, so you know exactly what it is you’re searching for.

You’re not the first and certainly not the last to wonder what these various types of windows are.


Velux roof lights are windows built into a roof. It is generally fitted on a flat roof but sometimes a rooflight is also installed on a roof that is pitched. It will be securely fitted just above the roofline and will stand out a little more than your usual skylight or roof window.

Another difference with a rooflight is that they’re OK to be installed in listed buildings where brand new window openings are forbidden. This is because the installation of a rooflight does not affect the outside aesthetics of a structure but it still enables the natural daylight to enter.

To aid water run-off, rooflights are usually fitted onto an kerb system or upstand, this helps to create the height needed for successful drainage.


Although similar to rooflights, skylights are modern windows that are installed into pitched roofs as well as flat roofs and terraces. You’ve probably seen a skylight before in someone’s home or larger units fitted into a public shopping centre – they are large bespoke glazed glass box extensions.

There are different types of skylights, each designed to fit a wide selection of roofs offering an abundance of natural light to countless buildings and structures alike. There are also electronic skylights available to those that require ventilation and access to a roof garden.

Roof windows

For those that want stunning views and natural light to flood the room, many choose Velux roof windows because they’re a simple solution. They’re large, overhead openings in the roof that can be opened to allow the fresh air inside and can have window coverings to allow for ultimate light control, which rooflights and skylights do not offer.

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