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The Benefits of Roof Windows

Roof windows are the best way to go when considering a revamp within your home. Whether you have a flat roof or a pitched roof, there are many benefits you can enjoy. Maximise and enhance your space with one simple installation that’ll transform any room for the better. This month, Kingsmead Conversions are here to share with you the number of benefits roof windows have to offer you and your home.

Roof Window Benefits

  • Natural light

Roof windows provide a luxury like no other, with intense and direct light you can reap many benefits, including better overall health. Daylight has been a vital part of architecture for countless centuries because it not only replaces electricity during the day, but also offers a house, beauty and character. Additionally, it is a proven fact that exposure to daylight improves our mental health and wellbeing. This includes increased morale and reduced fatigue.

  • Ventilation

To ensure your home stays fresh, it’s important to keep the place well ventilated – not only will this maintain good air quality but it will improve thermal comfort too. Ventilation is incredibly important because it helps to avoid damp, it removes odours, clears our minds and lets us be at one with nature. The majority of us spend only 10% of our time outdoors, so keeping rooms well ventilated ensures we get enough fresh, healthy air. When you allow fresh air into your home you create a comfortable and welcoming place for your family and friends to live and relax.

  • Noise protection

Outdoor noise can be problematic, it can keep you awake when you’re working the next day, it can stir your children and get the dog barking in the early hours of the morning. The last thing you want is chronic fatigue from lack of sleep, so to ensure you don’t experience negative effects on your health, mood or competence – it’s important to implement solutions within the home to reduce and absorb unwanted noise.

  • Energy efficiency

This world is under a lot of strain because we’re using too much energy – more than we can keep up with. In order to reduce our energy consumption along with our bills, we must work with renewable resources. Making your home energy efficient is easy, skylights help to cut costs because they draw upon these renewable resources – the sun. Roof lights are worthwhile investments because during the summer months you need not use your lights and come winter, you will be able to make the most of the hours of sunlight. When you choose Velux roof windows, you may never need to use your lights again.

  • Temperature

Skylights are cutting down the earth’s emissions because they reduce the need for electricity and, therefore, we use natural daylight rather than unsustainable energy. Not only that but they also reduce the demand for heating and air conditioning because they help to maintain a balanced temperature – saving you money, year on year.  

  • Privacy

For homes that are very close to one another, it sometimes becomes difficult when trying to keep our privacy. It can also stop us from opening our blinds and more importantly, the windows! With a Velux roof conversion, you could eliminate this problem and preserve your privacy so you can relax and unwind with ease. Your new view will be up and over, rather than peering straight into your neighbour’s home.

  • Easy installation

A roof window installation is simple and can be completed in no time at all – so to ensure you make the most of your home – call a professional today.

Velux roof window conversions-example

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