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A Guide To Dormer Conversions

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You’re thinking about having a conversion but you’re not sure about the terminology for some of these conversion types and a common one for this is the dormer conversion. This month, Kingsmead Conversions are here to help iron out all you need to know about dormer conversions including what one is, whether you require planning permission and how best to utilise the dormer features.

What is a dormer conversion?

A dormer conversion is an extension that’s added to your roof, if you’ve ever seen a sloping roof with a room that protrudes out vertically from it – this is a dormer conversion. Although it may look unusual, the inside of a dormer conversion is the same as any other room, with a horizontal ceiling and vertical walls.

What types of dormer windows are there?

  1. Arched top
  2. Eyebrow
  3. Gabled
  4. Flared gable
  5. Pedimented
  6. Shed
  7. Steep-roof shed
  8. Hipped
  9. Pyramidal
  10. Recessed
  11. Polygonal
  12. Wall


Do I need planning permission for a dormer conversion?

This is not always needed, however, if you intend to alter the roof space or extend, you will need to obtain planning permission.

Multiple Dormer Windows - Kingsmead Conversions


What are the benefits of a dormer conversion?

There are a number of benefits to enjoy when you have a dormer conversion and these include:

  • Increased space – using an area in the home that’s only used for storage is the best way to maximise your living space. A dormer conversion is much more simple than having an extension or a building a conservatory – not to mention a cheaper option. By giving yourself that one extra room, you give yourself the flexibility to have another bedroom or the opportunity to turn your new room into an office, gym, relaxation room or games room.
  • Adds value to your home – by giving yourself an extra room in the house, you’ll add up to a 20% increase onto the value of your home. Research has shown that loft conversions can add on around another £37,000 to the total price. The payback on your investment is well worth the initial costs and the benefits will certainly outweigh the time and effort put in for a conversion.
  • Cut the costs of moving – if space is the main reason for you looking to move home, then a dormer loft conversion could be the answer. Cut the extra costs that come along with moving home including solicitor fees, removal services and stamp duty.
  • Natural lighting – it’s well known that natural sunlight can improve your mood and general outlook on life, and the great thing about a dormer loft conversion is that you can build in beautiful, large windows. These windows allow natural light to flood the room, which can make your new room look big and airy. Also because of the positioning, this room is likely to get most of the natural daylight – as it’s likely that your lower rooms are blocked by trees or other houses.


How to use a dormer window space?

Your dormer windows already look fabulous but if you wanted ideas and inspiration, why not add a lovely window seat, so you can sit by the window and enjoy the view. Maybe this room will be your office, if so, consider positioning your desk by the window, this could help to motivate you whilst you work. Your dormer window space might also be the chance for you to have your very own reading nook, have your own library of books surrounding your window – a great opportunity for some quiet time with a riveting novel!

Dormer Window Interior - Kingsmead Conversions
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