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6 Reasons Why You Should Live In An Attic Apartment

Tucked away at the top of a building, attic apartments offer a snug and peaceful way of living that is becoming ever more appealing in the hustle and bustle of modern life. Architecturally unique from other types of apartments, they offer an interesting environment to both live and entertain visitors, and are suitable for a wide range of people, including students, couples, or small families. If you need some help deciding if this way of living is right for you, here are our top reasons why you should live in an attic apartment.

Tranquil atmosphere

Living in an attic apartment is somewhat like having your very own sanctuary, detached from the comings and goings of the rest of the building. This makes them relaxing dwelling places, unburdened by noise from upstairs neighbours or from the outside street. And with sloped ceilings and plenty of nooks and crannies, attic apartments are also a cosy option for a new home.

Plenty of natural light

Sloped ceilings offer you the chance to install stylish skylights and velux windows. Both these options allow you to make great use of natural light, allowing it to flood into every corner of your home. Natural light is more beneficial than artificial light from a health point of view, helping to energise and destress you. Useful during the day, skylights also give you the opportunity for a great view of the night sky as you wind down in the evening.

Opportunity for a balcony

Some attic apartments offer the unmissable chance to have a balcony. Being at prime position on the top of a building, balconies can give you great views across the city, as well as being a space to grow plants and set up an outdoor dining area.

Protection of privacy

With no windows on ground level, attics grant their owners high levels of privacy and security, which are certainly valuable assets in this day and age.

Nurture creativity

The quiet and intimate atmosphere of an attic apartment is ideal if you’re planning to nurture a creative hobby in this space. Whether you’re a writer, artist or musician, a cosy attic is the perfect place to develop your creativity, especially when there are many opportunities to construct your own ‘snugs’ or ‘nooks’ in which you can focus and unleash your imagination.

Unique decor

The unconventional architecture of an attic space gives you plenty of freedom to be experimental with smart furniture and interesting layouts. Space conservation is usually number one priority in an attic, often resulting in unique ways of dressing and structuring the apartment. Not only will this make it a more engaging space to live in, but it can also be a talking point for any visitors or future potential buyers.

Whatever attic overhaul you’re planning, here at Kingsmead Conversion, we have the expertise to turn your dreams into a reality. Our team of designers and construction professionals can transform your abandoned attic into a brand new livable space for you and your family. Operating since 1999 in the Milton Keynes area, we have the industry experience to ensure your project is a success. To find out more about our fully managed service, get in touch with one of our friendly advisers today.


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